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The city is one of the only pieces of civilization in a large radius. It is sprawling with life but surrounded by hot, dead sand. Several trade routes go through The City. The main reason the trade routes go through is the trade of Orad.


No-one seems to remember what the city was like before the discovery of Orad , but if you search hard enough, you will be able to find people who have been in the city long enough to remember a time where there was only hot sand where the city is now.
When the magical properties of Orad were first realized, it’s worth skyrocketed and a digging frenzy started. Fueled by the desire for virtually unlimited wealth, everyone who could hold a shovel started looking for Orad themselves. The city government had to react to this frenzy quickly, or there would not be anything left over of the city but a large pit. The city instituted an extremely strict policy on the amount of digging that could occur. Any two places on the surface that were a mile or more apart as the bird flies, had to be less than 3 miles apart by foot. Another rule is that existing buildings cannot collapse, and if they do, the miner has to hand over all the Orad found underneath to the city, who then in turn can decide whether they want to hand it to the owner of the collapsed building (something that has never happened).


Most of the city’s food unsurprisingly comes from the Under, since nothing can grow above ground in the desert. Almost all of it is meat, which comes from creatures that are kept in large underground caverns. Making sure cattle doesn’t escape is made very easy by the caverns being completely walled in.


The city’s main source of water, though not the only one, is the magical Angry Drip river. This river is magical in the way that it tends to flow against gravity rather than with it. The source of the river is deep underground. The whole river is heavily guarded by the city government to prevent anyone from polluting it or causing a flood. There are several large “Taps” along the river, that have powerful magic in them which returns the water coming out of them to normal. The water is then distributed throughout the city by pipe.
Additional sources of water include underground lakes and streams.

See also Under, Nest.
For a taste of what some underground areas look like:

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