Welcome to Cracking Rock

You can start by checking out the wiki to learn more about the setting. When you’re done with that, if you have any more questions, just email them to me and I’ll add the answer to the wiki.
After that, check out Relnor Kamarez. I would like you to incorporate a tie to him in your backstory.
When making your character, you can add it to Characters found in the sidebar.
Your character can be born outside the city, but then the character has to have a reason for why they went to the city, as well as good endurance in the heat because the journey to the city goes through miles and miles of desert. If you are born inside the city, you don’t need to be as capable of standing the heat if you live underground.

During the adventure, any time you come up with anything you want to see happening, please write it down and email it to me. I will most likely take it and incorporate it in some way.
And remember, the setting is still very WIP, so most things will probably change.

Eventually I will probably move from Obsidian Portal to a website of my own, but that might still be a while.

Cracking Rock

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