Hrothgar (Kathrin's)

Dwarf Druid


Character sheet

Race: Dwarf
Gender: Male
Age: 272 years old
Size: 4’3"
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Pretty old, so graying hair, but it was black before.
Wide, bulbous nose. A scar across his cheek from a
childhood accident involving a rumbling stomach, a
nest full of eggs within reach,and an angry mother


Background: Guild Artesan – Brewer
Hrothgar grew up in a small clan of dwarves sequestered away in the hills. Because his clan was so isolated from most of society, they never really stopped following the Old Faith – they had a spiritual connection with nature itself rather than with gods. His family was established in the brewers’ guild so he learned the craft of brewing fine dwarven ale and mead (and eventually joined the brewers’ guild himself) but he always had an affinity for the strong stones that they carved out to make dwellings and the beautiful gems that they mined. In his free time he watched the masons carve delicate shapes out of granite and marble, or jewelers chisel away at rubies and sapphires. Eventually he began talking to traveling merchants, asking about the different types of gems they sold in jewelry and on swords. It was while talking to one of these merchants that he first heard about Orad. He was obsessed from the moment he heard of the magic within the stone and could think of nothing else for a long time. Eventually, he decided he had to see the wonder for himself and left for THE CITY.
Along the way, he came into his first contact with the outside world – from small villages to bustling cities – and discovered for the first time how disconnected people were from nature and from the Old Faith. He eventually became disenchanted with the world outside his home in the hills and the only thing that kept him on the path to The City was his strong obsession with Orad.
Upon arriving in THE CITY he quickly discovered that it didn’t reveal its secrets easily and that no amount of communing with nature would help him understand the magic within the stone. But he felt connected to the mysterious stone and was unwilling to leave The City until he could solve its mysteries and bring his knowledge (and maybe some Orad too) back to his clan. So he settled down in The City and has been living there for the past few years, making the strong dwarven ale he learned to make centuries ago. It was his ale that brought Relnor Kamarez to the brewers’ guild, the wealthy philanthropist looking for the person responsible for such a strong drink. It’s not necessarily true that Hrothgar and Relnor became fast friends, because Hrothgar’s disenchantment with the outside world makes it hard for him to befriend anyone, but they had a mutual respect for one another and now, if a passerby were to comment on their “friendship,” Hrothgar wouldn’t disagree.

Personality Traits:
I look down on those who do not appreciate fine
Dwarven ale or mead. I have strong morals only in
regards to nature, I could not care less about most
otherliving things.
I believe that anything worth doing is worth doing
right. I can’t help it – I’m a perfectionist.
I’m rude to people who lack my commitment to
hard work and fair play.
It is the duty of all people to strengthen the bonds
between society and nature. Civilizations can only
truly grow and flourish when the people in them
have a close connection with the natural world.
My clan will always be my source of strength
and wisdom. Nothing is more important to me
than bringing the secret of Orad’s magic back to my
I am dogmatic in my thoughts and philosophy.
I have become highly suspicious of others
because I have found that few outside of my clan
truly respect the beauty and wisdom of nature.
I’m also pretty surly. I like nature, not people.

Hrothgar (Kathrin's)

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