Relnor Kamarez


Relnor likes eating, and it shows. He is a large man, and not very mobile.


Relnor Kamarez is a warm-hearted mine owner in The City. He is quite wealthy, as most mine owners are. Unlike most others, he is a big fan of philanthropy. He singlehandedly supports an orphanage in the Under, along with a slew of other projects. He is not well known by the general public, but he has a lot of connections where it matters. He owns a number of homes in different parts of the City, because it takes a long time to travel between the parts of the city.

To start off the campaign, I would like you to have something in your background that makes you close (in a positive way) to Relnor. The other option is being even closer to someone in the party who is close to him.

Relnor Kamarez

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